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Digital IR

IR Website

As our partnership together lengthens, there will be more and more traffic to your company website as potential investors and journalists seek additional information about your business. Not only do we provide complete website remodeling but we also create a dedicated Investor Relations section. This interactive web page will encompass all aspects of your company and will include an inclusive list of data on your company. This section will give access to all SEC Filings, current stock quotes, company news, charts, and research. Along with the current stock information, we can also stream CEO Interviews and/or Company Presentation videos to give the viewer a multimedia look into your company.

Data Capture/Lead Generation

The in-house graphic design team at MIDAM constructs an action drive profile page to highlight your company’s investment potential with a strong call to action. Online marketing specialists will utilize this page as a tool to acquire data on interested parties who would like to learn more about your company. Each lead is treated similar to a shareholder being nurtured and cultivated into actually becoming an active investor, covering analyst, or contributing journalist.

Our lead generation strategy is broken into two segments; industry specific and company specific:

  • The online marketing experts at MIDAM will target retail investors, institutional investors, stock brokers, analysts, and journalists interested in investment opportunities within your specific industry or sector. They will then be qualified as a warm lead. Through constant communication and timely distribution of your company information, our IR team turns over a hot lead.
  • As a direct result from our efforts, people of the investment community will begin to wonder what the entire buzz surrounding your company specifically is all about. We effectively locate and identify these interested parties and qualify them as hot leads. Our IR team once again steps in to develop strong relationships and create long-term shareholder interest.

Display Marketing

The online marketing professionals at MIDAM are among the best in the industry. They hold credentials such as Hubspot Inbound Certified Expert, Google Adwords Certified Partner, Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador, Bing Accredited Professional, SEMPO Member, Organic SEO Expert & Email Marketing Deliverability Specialist & Social Media Marketing Enthusiast & Expert, which allows that to have the ability in achieving any of the company’s online goals.

Nearly two decades of experience and professionalism has allowed MIDAM to establish strong working relationships with all 33 Top Tier Financial Websites ensuring top placement on the most trafficked financial portals as well as demographic and strategic niche networks.


It’s important to stand out in a crowded marketplace and to leave a lasting impression. It is also important to know where the messages will be “heard the loudest and seen the most.” When it comes to retargeting, we are aggressive and relentless for exactly this reason. As far as trackability goes, our online marketing experts are able to observe the behavior of the internet and create compelling copy and updates on your company. This content will actually follow interested parties for up to 30 days while they browse the internet. Someone interested in the sector in which your company operates could research dozens of companies in a given week. Our retargeting strategy helps solidify your company’s spot atop their list.

Mobile Marketing

Access to mobile distribution is paramount in today’s marketing and social climate. Therefore, it is crucial to have a firm that knows the mobile marketplace. Through new age marketing techniques, MIDAM takes complete advantage of mobile applications and SMS text messaging to effectively distribute and share information about your company. Where email can get caught in spam or webmail filters, SMS and mobile marketing accessible immediately and within an instant of being sent.

Social Media Marketing and Compliance

Our MIDAM Social Media team understands that the strongest form of marketing is word of mouth. A weak social media presence immediately puts you at a disadvantage to your competition. After conducting a social media audit, our specialists will create, improve, and manage every aspect of your company’s social media ensuring that your corporate messages are received by investors through the many outlets that exist today. A strong social media footprint can go a long way in achieving a fair market valuation and increasing sales.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has stated that social media is an acceptable means for public companies to communicate with investors. However, with this new form of communication comes new regulation. We consult and educate on social media IR policies so that all employees know the “do’s and don’ts” when engaging in social media.

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