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Traditional IR

Retail Brokerage

The diverse financial experience of our professional team has enabled MIDAM to develop strong relationships with many retail brokers across the United States, representing some of the largest firms in the industry. Our team will be in constant communication with retail brokers, providing them with company updates and reasons to accumulate long-term equity positions.

Institutional Brokerage

Institutional sponsorship is one of the best ways to get your company buzzing on the radar of Wall Street’s professionals. MIDAM will build a corporate profile with a clear call to action and target fund managers and brokers of qualified institutions; the goal is to place your management team face-to-face with them. Our strategy in obtaining sponsorship from institutions will be both clear and aggressive communicating on a daily basis.

Analyst Coverage

MIDAM will identify and communicate with analysts who specialize in your specific industry in consideration of coverage. It is our goal to have brokers, fund managers, and analysts become eager to meet your management team and learn more about your company fundamentals and corporate vision.

Perception Audits

Understanding market trends and sentiment is crucial when devising an effective investor relations program. Our investor relations specialists are actively communicating with hundreds of market professionals, analyzing market feedback as well as what the overall perception is on your specific industry. Before revealing your company to the masses, we must first fully understand what the investment community is thinking and, more importantly, doing.

E-Mail Campaigns

Through over a decade of experience, MIDAM has developed a database of 5 million active subscribers and is composed of individual retail investors, qualified investors, stock brokers, traders, fund managers and financial journalists. With our proprietary email service, MIDAM will constantly engage our database presenting detailed corporate profiles along with company news and relevant industry updates.

MIDAM has the equipment, technology, ISP white list agreements and IP reputation to handle high volume email marketing within any industry and market. We employ best email practices that comply with all CAN-SPAM requirements that greatly increase inbox deliverability rate, in fact our deliverability rate is a solid 99.9%.

Shareholder Communication

MIDAM management believes that a company’s greatest asset is their shareholders. Too many investor relations firms stop communicating once an investment is made but at MIDAM, this is where it begins. We stay in constant contact with current shareholders providing company and industry updates while answering any and all questions an investor may have. Whether it is via phone call, SMS text message, email, or hard mail, we take great pride in providing immediate and direct response to our clients’ shareholders.

Press Release Consultation

At MIDAM, we understand the importance of communicating company news and updates to the investment community in timely fashion. However, equally as important is the manner in which the news is presented. Our editing team has experience in delivering thought provoking messages and action drive messages. They work closely with our public relations experts to help create clear and concise messages that are easily understood by the public.

Investor Kit Fulfillment and Distribution

A creative and in-depth investor kit is crucial in attracting strong interest from investors. MIDAM understands that investors are not looking for a simple “About Us” but a complete overview of where the company is and what its doing to go where it plans on going. Our creative specialists ensure that your investor kit will captivate the eye and mind of its audience. The first impression is everything and an MIDAM designed investor kit says it all.

Corporate Profile

Not every interaction with the investment community requires a full investor kit. For that reason, MIDAM’s creative team will help build a short and to the point corporate profile or fact sheet about your company. The overall goal is to highlight every strong point in order to summarize your company’s investment potential both now and for years to come.

Campaign Analysis

MIDAM will provide monthly and/or quarterly analysis reports on our progress together. These reports will focus on increased shareholder base, relationships and developments with analysts, brokers, and fund managers, equity performance, corporate goals achieved, market sentiment, and investment community perception. Our experienced consultants will also provide input on how to improve internal communication, streamline business operations, and address any items we feel could increase the effectiveness of reaching a fair valuation for your company.

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