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Public Relations

As technology advances so does the variety of ways to execute a successful Public Relations campaign. New outlets for media distribution are created nearly every day and MIDAM prides itself on anticipating changes and keeping clients’ programs ahead of the curve. Our goal is to ensure that client’s messages resonate in the marketplace all while enjoying a meaningful presence throughout all traditional and digital media outlets.

Every client engagement begins with a thorough analysis to understand company fundamentals, goals, market perception, and industry details. With this understanding, we organize a strategic plan that will have your company viewed in a positive light with strong brand equity.nce.

Message Development

Our team of professionals will sit with your management and help to come up with a clear message about your company and what it represents to investors. This is key in being properly identified in the public eye and is the foundation of our public relations strategy going forward.

Media Relations

MIDAM has a unique combination of experienced professionals and brings together extensive media relationships rivaled by few. Whether it is through an audio interview on one of Clear Channel’s 1,200 nationwide radio stations, an article in the Wall Street Journal, or an interview on FOX Business television, our team will bring you straight to the masses.

Crisis Management

We understand that not every day is going to be perfect. As a result and in addition to having a global client base, our team is on constant stand by to act quickly analyzing the severity of a specific public affairs issue and promptly preparing a resolution. MIDAM clients can sleep well at night knowing there is a solid support team behind them.

Content Creation

Successful PR is more than just good media placement. At Beasuett, we strive to receive “free media” by having information distributed about your company simply because it is quality content. Also known as “earned media,” your story will appear on websites, newspapers, radio stations, blogs, magazines and TV programs. Our team of journalists and editors help produce and market compelling content that could achieve such results.

Event Management

Planning an event or attending a conference could be a daunting task. Our public relations professionals help every step of the way to ensure that every corporate function or trade show runs smoothly. From booth design to contact management, EGM makes sure that you get the most out of every event.

Product Perception Audits

Our experienced team of consultants conducts product audits analyzing competition in the marketplace. We study sales patterns to predict consumer behavior helping ensure that your products are always cutting edge and well received.

Social Media

A strong social media presence could be a company’s best salesman. By utilizing all the top social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, MIDAM creates positive reaction behind your product or service. The power of personal reference is invaluable.

Speech/Interview Preparation

Not every CEO excels at public speaking; we know this. Our journalists and content editors will help write speeches and prepare management for conferences, webinars, and interviews. Although we believe a company’s perception should be based on management’s actions rather than words, we ensure that both leave a positive impression on your audience.

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